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About the Announcements Module

The Announcements Module produces a list of simple text announcements consisting of a title and brief description. Options include a read more link to a file, page or other site. Link click tracking and logging are also available. Announcements are ordered from newest to oldest, unless a view order is specified.

Module Specific Settings

The following module specific settings are available:

  1. History Day(s): this is the number of days to display announcements for. Announcements published longer than the entered number of days ago will not be displayed. Eg. if you enter a value of 4, all announcements older than 4 days will not be displayed. If you leave this field blank, then all announcements will be displayed
  2. Default View: you can select the starting view for users with EDIT permissions for this module. Users with VIEW permissions will only ever be able to see CURRENT announcements.
  3. Description Length (Search and RSS): with this option you can define how many characters should be used to display a content sample for search and rss.
  4. Editor Height: this allows you to modify the height of the editor in the edit view of the module
  5. Templates: This is the template that is used to display each announcement. In this template you can use tokens to define where specific information of the announcement items should be placed. NOTE: all tokens are case sensitive, and should be capitals only. The following templates are available: Header, Item, Alternate (odd), Separator and Footer

This is the default template:

Header Template <table class="DNN_ANN_DesignTable" cellspacing="0" Summary="Announcements Design Table" border="0" style="border-collapse:collapse;"><tr><td>
Item Template <table><tr><td>[IMAGESOURCE]</td><td valign="top"><span class="SubHead">[EDIT][TITLE] - [PUBLISHDATE]</span><div class="Normal DNN_ANN_Description">[DESCRIPTION]&nbsp;[READMORE]</div></td></tr></table>
Alternate Item Template  
Separator Template  
Footer Template </td></tr></table>


the following tokens can be used in templates:

[EDIT] This will render an edit pencil, if, and only if, the logged on user had edit rights for the module. You MUST add this token to the Item Template (and alternate item template if you are using that), in order to be able to edit items
[ITEMID] This will render the item id of the announcement
[MODULEID] This will render the module id of the module the announcement belongs to
[CREATEDBYUSER] This will display the display name of the user that created the Announcement. NOTE: on sites with many users adding this token to a template will cause a performance hit, as for every Announcement a user record has to be found and displayed. Many announcements and many users will cause a large amount of extra database hits.
[CREATEDDATE] This will show the item creation date, in localized long date forum
[DESCRIPTION] This will display the announcement discription
[EXPIREDATE] This will display the announcements expire date
[RAWIMAGE] Thsi will display the raw image url
[IMAGESOURCE] This will display the announcement image as defined in the announcement. A complete image tag will be rendered
[MODULEID] This will display the moduleid of the module.
TIP: You could use this value to use a module specific css classname, for instance like this:
<span class="SubHead_[MODULEID]">[TITLE]</span>
[MORE] This will display the "read more..." text, without hyperlink. A full read more hyperlink would look like this:
<a href="[URL]" target="[NEWWINDOW]">[MORE]</a>
[READMORE] This will display a complete "read more..." link. If no url is defined in the announcement, no link will be rendered
[NEWWINDOW] This token can be used to open the link in a new window, based on the selection made in the announcement, for example: br> <a href="[URL]" target="[NEWWINDOW]">[MORE]</a>
[PUBLISHDATE] This will show the item publish date, in localized long date forum
[TITLE] This will display the announcement title
[TRACKCLICKS] This will render "Yes" or "No", depending on whether to track clicks or not
[URL] This will display the url the announcement should point to. In order to use this url as a clickable hyperlink, use something like this:< /br> <a href="[URL]">[MORE]</a>
[VIEWORDER] This will show the view order of the item

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